West Germany

Police Patch Courtesy of the German Police

In September of 1979. My father, Retired
Msgt. Henry Maifeld, was part of the 313tfs Lucky Puppy
Squadran at Hahn. We spent the summer of '79 in
Rumford, Maine with friends we met and were
stationed with in Alaska while our fathers went
ahead to find a place to live. We were stationed
at Hahn AFB until July of 1982, when my father
received orders for Scott AFB in Illinois.

We lived in two locations.
First on the economy in Biebern,

then in Off-Base housing
in Rhaunen on Blumen Strasse.

I delivered the American Paper Stars & Stripes
to military families in Rhaunen.
I was lucky in 1981 to have an eye doctor willing
to try a dependant kid in contat lenses. I had been
wearing glasses since I was 2 and a half. This was
a dream come true until 1997, when I had lens
impalnts in Augusta Maine.

As a Freshman, Sophomore and Juinor in High School,
I attended Hahn American High School.

9th Grade
Age 14: 9th Grade
10th Grade
Age 15: 10th Grade
11th Grade
Age 16: 11th Grade

Hahn Hawks Baseball 1981

Hahn Hawks Baseball

Doug at Hahn 1981
Hahn HS Baseball 1981
Hahn HS CC 1981
Hahn HS CC 1981
Doug w/Daughters 1997
My daughters & I: 1997

Hahn High School Web Page

I participated in several in and out of school activities.
I went to Bitche, France on a French Exchange and
St. Wendel, West Germany on a German Exchange.
These exchanges allowed us American's to spend a week in
their schools and live with their families, and they inturn
did the same in our school and with our family.
In March 2010, I had the German student 30 years
later find me and sent an e-mail.
We are now friends on Facebook.

I ran Cross-Country on the High School Cross-Country
team (See Center Photo Above). I played baseball on
the Hahn AFB team (See Left Photo Above). Our High
School didn't have a baseball team and this was the
equivalent of High School Baseball.
In the summer, I was one of several military
children who were lucky to receive summer
jobs on the base. Those hired worked
the summer keeping the base looking sharp.

My experiences at Hahn were very rewarding and
something I'll keep with me for the rest of my life.
In 1997, I received an e-mail reference an association
for former Hahn American High School Alumni.

Any fellow classmates, who happen to visit my Home Page,
I'd love to hear from you!!!!! E-mail me.

If you have a Home Page I'd love to add it to my page so
fellow classmates can visit it. The above photo on the right
is a picture of me and my two daughters, Meagan then
Age 6 and Rebecca then Age 3, taken at Beaverbrook
, North Monmouth, Maine 1997.

Lucky Puppy
Hahn Alumni Assn
Hahn American High School

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Front Gate of Hahn AFB

Fairview Heights, Illinois

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