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Officer Maifeld and daughter Meagan - Fall 2006 Officer Maifeld and daughter Rebecca - Fall 2008

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Douglas Maifeld
Police Officer

Rumford PD's Cruiser

Department ID October 1990

May 20th, 1988, I was hired by the Town of Rumford Police
Department as a Reserve Police Officer. I began working
on a full-time part-time basis upon completing the
Maine Criminal Justice Academy Reserve Training,

Dewey Robinson, the Police Chief at the time asked
if I would be interested in running in the Law
Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Maine

and raising some money for Special Olympics Maine.
I agreed and have been volunteering and assisting ever since.
I held a position on the Executive Council for Special
Olympics in the State of Maine from 2013-2017.

View my Special Olympics Page
by clicking the Special Olympics logo below.

My training includes being:

A Certified D.A.R.E. Instructor,
Intoxilyzer Instructor, Certified Police Cyclist,
Methods of Instruction (MOI), Municipal Ordinance Prosecutor,
HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) Administrator,
Terminal Operator (Teletype), Uniform Crime Report (UCR)
and since June 2003 a certified Seat Belt Technician,
Reid Interview and Interrogation

Special Olympics Home Page

Doug's Special Olympic Page
MCBPS 66th Class Leader Day 1 (August 1990)

In February of 1990, I was hired full time and
attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy
(66th Municipal/County Basic Police School),
in the Fall of 1990, where I graduated 10th in my class.
The Photo at the left, I am being addressed by the
Cadres Maine State Trooper Robert Chandler
and David Alexander, as Class Leader on the
first day at the Police Academy.
The photo below is our class photo.

Class Photo of the 66th M.C.B.P.S.

D.A.R.E. America

Department ID 1995

In September of 1993, I was trained to be a
D.A.R.E. Instructor. Our D.A.R.E. Program is taught to
fifth grade students from the Towns of Rumford, Mexico,
Roxbury, Byron and Hanover. They attend either
Rumford Elementary School, Meroby Elementary School or
the St. Athanasius & St. John / Holy Savior School.
Prior to the year 2000 it was taught at the 6th grade level.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been chosen to teach
the D.A.R.E. Program in the Rumford Area Schools,
because I feel it is important to educate the youth of the dangers
of Drugs and Violence. D.A.R.E. is the most
satisfying part of my job. It's nice to enter the school in a police uniform
and have the youth happy to see me. I served from 1996-2000 on the
State of Maine board of directors as Secretary/Treasurer for
the Maine D.A.R.E. Officers Association.

Hall of Fame 1998 Bob Bell Award 2012
Doug with Bell Award

On March 26th, 1998, I was honored with being one of first
few officers inducted into the Maine Law Enforcement
Torch Run Hall of Fame
. I was inducted for my
then over ten years of dedicated service
to the Torch Run and for helping to further
the goals of Special Olympics Maine.

In March, 2012, I was honored with the highest
award a Law Enforcement Officer can receive for
my (25)-Twenty Five Years volunteering and raising
money for Special Olympics Maine. I was
presented the Bob Bell Award in South Portland, ME.

This was a very special day for me and one I'll always remember.

Volunteer and donate if you can!!!!

Special Olympics Maine has been a great pleasure
of mine, both while representing the Rumford Police
Department and volunteering my own time.
Please Support your local Special Olympics.
Attend some of their games....
You'll never forget the experience...

Ptl. Maifeld's 2003 Cop Card

In 1996, I worked with the Maine Bureau of Highway
to sponsor the Rumford Police Department
Cop Card Program. The Program was a great success
that a second series was released in 1999 and a third
series introducing the newer officers plus myself and
Sgt. Tracey Higley as the D.A.R.E. Officers
was release in October 2003.

Additional Series were released in 2006 with newer
officers and a full set in 2016. Check out my dual
agency card with Rumford PD and Oxford SO.
This card was released in 2011 to be given out to all the youth
I met while visiting schools in the Oxford County area.

I am an avid Cop Card Collector.
On occasion, I also collect Patches. E-mail me,
If you or your police department have Cop Cards, I'd love
to have them in my collection. E-mail me for a trade
or if you want to get rid of cards you can send them
to me at 150 River Street, Rumford, Maine 04276-2029.
I currently have over 16,000 Cop Cards from all
50 States, most Canadian Provinces, England,
New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Puerto Rico and Spain.
This is one of my Cop Cards. You can view all the
Rumford PD Cop Cards here: RPD Cop Cards
or just mine by clicking here: Doug's Cop Cards

Department ID 2005

Department ID 2008

In March 2013, the Rumford Police Department's
D.A.R.E. Program celebrated 25 years of D.A.R.E.
in the River Valley area. The 2018-2019 School Year we celebrated
our 31st Anniversary and my twenty-sixth year
teaching the D.A.R.E. Program.

On September 26th, 2008, I was promoted to Corporal with.
my duties being Patrol, D.A.R.E. and being a Supervisor.

Reserve Deputy Douglas Maifeld

Reserve Deputy Douglas Maifeld
Oxford SO Patch

On March 6th, 2009, I was hired as a part-time
Deputy by the Oxford County Sheriff's Office.
I joined the department to strictly assist teaching the
D.A.R.E. Program in schools in the
Oxford County communities. I also work patrol shifts on
ocassion and sometimes help with other activities.

On February 13th, 2011, I worked additionally under a Federal
Grant as a School Violence Prevention Officer. I was appointed by
Sheriff Wayne Gallant and worked this detail over two years.

Sgt. Douglas Maifeld - March 2011

On December 20th, 2010, I was promoted to Sergeant.
My duties remain Patrol, D.A.R.E.
and now include being a Shift Supervisor.

I enjoy spending time playing sports, card collecting,
especially Cop Cards & spending time with my family,
Wife-Mary & Daughters: Meagan & Rebecca and
granddaughter, Harper.

My "Cop-Card" Messages & Safety Tip:

1) Don't fall victim to peer pressure,
dare to control your own destiny,
because the consequences of your choices
can always be positive.
2) Remember you have the POWER!!!
No one can force you to do something
that is wrong or dangerous.
Only you have that POWER!!!!
3) Your goals are never out of reach as long
as you continue to work hard to achieve them.
4) Seat belts save lives, buckle up for safety!

D.A.R.E. Officer

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