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Police Patch Courtesy of the Rumford Police Department

Rumford Falls

New Rumford Flag (c) 2001

The Town of Rumford was first settled in 1779 by Jonathan Keyes.
Rumford was the 123rd town in the District of Maine, which at that
time was still part of Massachusetts. The original Charter was signed
on February 21, 1800 making Rumford an official town.

In late June 1985, after receiving my Associates degree from the University of Cincinnati,
I opted to move to Maine. My parents had already retired in Maine. We decided upon Maine
as a place to live after spending time in Rumford in the late 70's prior to our trip to Germany.
We met in Maine where friends once resided prior to them entering the Air Force.
We met them while my father was stationed in Alaska. We both got orders for Germany
within the same few weeks. I liked it as well and chose Maine as a location to
pursue my career in Law Enforcement in the Rumford Area.

On July 4th, 1985 my family attended the fireworks display at the Lewiston Racetrack.
They no longer have the fireworks here but at the Memorial Bridge between Lewiston/Auburn.
Besides Rumford had one of the best displays in the state until recently.
The best part about this night was when my sister approached me with a very sick kitten
which could fit in the palm of my hand. She was told to keep the cat or it would die.
She gave it to me and I named her Firecracker or "F.C." for short.
Below is a picture of F.C. She was my baby and sadly passed away on August 11th, 2003
after more than 18 years. She will be sadly missed by me.
Click here to visit a fitting page in her honor.

In Memorium Firecracker "F.C." Maifeld June 4th, 1985-August 11th, 2003.

June 4th, 1985-August 11th, 2003

Later in 1985, I was hired as a Deli Clerk at Hannaford Brothers "Shop 'N Save".
This is where I met and worked with Mary Libby, whom I'd later marry.

On October 31st, 1986, I purchased my first brand new car. That car being a 1986 Chevrolet Sprint.
This car was a great little car. It got 50 MPG (Miles Per Gallon), which was great for
someone like me who was just starting out in the real world.

1st New Car: 1986 Chevy Sprint

On February 29th, 1988, I proposed to Mary and she said "Yes".

Our 1st House in the Brick Park December 1988 - July 2001

On December 30, 1988, we purchased the house above. The house is located in Rumford
in what is called "Strathglass Park". These duplex brick buildings were built in the
early 1900's and housed the management of the paper mill of that time.
This area is considered a landmark. We resided in the right side of the house until
May 2001 which was about the time the picture was taken. We remolded the inside and
outside of the house alot over the twelve and half years we owned it.
On July 26th, 2001, we sold this house because we bought a house outside of town in Rumford Center.

On April 29th, 1989, I was married at the St. Athanasius & St. John Church in Rumford, Maine.
We went on our Honeymoon, enjoying a cruise to the Bahama's and a stay at Disney World.
In 1999, it marked our 10th Anniversary and we returned to our honeymoon location,
but this time with our children. Check on out the Disney Cruise link for further details.

Me and my wife at our Wedding reception Our 1989 wedding party

10th Anniversary Plate Given by Doug's Parents Us on our 10th 04-29-99 10th Anniversary Cup Given by Doug's Parents

On September 6th, 1991, I was blessed with my first child, a daughter, Meagan Lea .

On May 26th, 1994, I was blessed with my second child, also a daughter, Rebecca Alexis.

On January 7th and 14th, 1997, I had major eye surgery.
This surgery made it possible for me to get rid of corrective lens.
I no longer have to wear glasses the size of coke bottles.
The only time I need glasses is to read.

On May 3rd, 2001, We bought a house with land and moved to Rumford Center.
Come take a look at what we bought.
Rumford Center Home

Andover Road House July 2001 Andover Road House May 2006

My Law Enforcement Career

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