Valdosta, Georgia

Police Patch Courtesy of the Valdosta Police Department

7th Grade
Age 12: Grade
Hahira Jr. / Sr.
High School
8th Grade
Age 13: 6th Grade

Our next stop was a short (but not short enough)
stop at Moody AFB, Valdosta, Georgia.
Our house is pictured in the background.
I attended the Hahira Middle School
for Grades 7 & 8, and delivered the
Valdosta Daily Times.

My Uncle Ron and Grandparents visited while we lived in Valdosta.
My Grandfather went to spring training almost every year.
Usually he drove Johnny Bench's car home for him.
But when we lived here he drove Ray Knight's car.

My Uncle Ron is an excellent magician and
always put on magic shows for us.
When he came to Valdosta he put one on as well.
In his performance he pulled a
beautiful rabbit out of a hat. This rabbit would
inturn become our pet rabbit pictured below.
This rabbit was named "Mr. E".
This was my Uncles stage name.

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Hahn Afb West Germany

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