Luzerne, Switzerland 1979 Luzerne, Switzerland 1979

Lucerne was the first trip we went on that was a tour organized by the USO. The tours were cheaper than if we drove our own vehicles and it was a nice way to get several families to go together. This was the nicest one of all though as our friends Ross and Lorrie volunteered to watch our kids as an anniversary present and so it was like a second honeymoon. We were in Switzerland for three days and it was similar to being in heaven without the children. We didn't feel the least bit sorry for Ross and Lorrie who were watching seven (7) kids that weekend.


American Military Cemetery, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small but beautiful country. This was a weekend drive that we made with the three kids. We went to visit the American Military Cemetary in Hamm near Luxembourg City where General Patton is buried. I'll never forget the sight of all those crosses. Really sad but in a way beautiful. If I remember rightly, we also visited Trier at the same time. Trier is the oldest city in Germany.

General George Patton's Grave Stone

Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg

PARIS - April 82

Arch Of Triumph, Paris, France 1979
Sacred Heart Church, Paris, France 1979

I went to Paris shortly after arriving in Germany with a guy that I met in California prior to the flight to Germany. We were both going to Hahn and more or less hung out together for the trip. I saw him one day at the recreation center looking at brochures of Paris. We both decided to go the first chance we were off together. While in Paris we were going down the subway steps when a French girl was going the other way. He commented to me that "she sure has a nice butt, doesn't she?" Before I could answer, the French Girl turned around and said in English "Thank You, Very Much."

After the family arrived in Germany, we made the trek to Paris several times. I am just awed by Museums and to get to visit the LOUVRE and see all the famous works of art, including "Mona Lisa", "Whistler's Mother" and "Venus DeMilo" was a real thrill.

One time we had a particularly bad idea. Ross, Lorrie, Liz and myself all made this horrible decision to go to Paris and take all seven of the kids with us. When we arrived, we took out the brochures and mapped out our travel strategy, some of which included walking; the remainder riding the subway. We saw many of the famous sites of Paris; the Eifel Tower, Arch de Triumph, Sacred Heart Church, Artist Square, Notre Dame Cathedral, and again the Louvre. On the Louvre entrance was a sign in English that Photographs were permitted but no flash bulbs. I had my video camera along and in those days video camcorders were so large they were afraid I would try to smuggle something out inside of it so despite all my vehemont protests I was refused permission to take it inside. You can go to the LOUVRE and see all the photos they wouldn't let me take.

We had eleven people getting on the subway train at one time and the trains were crowded (nothing like Japan though) and we were all going to get off at a stop near the Wax Museum. When we disembarked at the stop I looked around and there were only six of us. The other five got off the other side and we had to wait for the next train to come along to rejoin. Then we all started walking toward the Wax Museum (I had the map) and every couple of blocks someone would ask "How much farther?" I would answer "It's just around the corner" It was about six more blocks but I knew if I told them that nobody would want to walk there. So that went on for about 20 minutes until somebody grabbed the map. Of course by then it was JUST AROUND THE CORNER.



Keukenhof Flower Garden
Keukenhof Flower Garden

Keukenhof Flower Garden was the most spectacular array of colors I have ever seen. Miles and miles of different colored tulips. Something comparable in the United States is the flower growing region in Northern California, I think along Interstate 5 near Sacramento. The grounds of Keukenhof were so beautiful and charming. The videotapes we took there don't even begin to do justice to the colors.


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