Aalborg, Denmark Railroad station

The TDY trip to Aalborg AB in Denmark had nothing to do with trains but I liked the statue in front of the station. The parts of Denmark that I saw were very beautiful and I recall that we didn't have very much time to ourselves while there. I had contemplated going to Norway but was never afforded the opportunity. We were working 14 or 15 hour days almost the entire time we were incountry.

After a stretch of exhaustive days I decided to explore the area on foot and walked north of the base for several hours going into every store I passed. I traveled close to 10 miles until I determined that I was farther away than I cared to be, making a WISE decision to find motorized transportation back to the base. Should have made better use of the time off but it was relaxing.

Park in Aalborg, Denmark Budolfi Cathedral in Aalborg, Denmark Lim Fjord Bridge, Aalborg, Denmark

City of Aalborg, Denmark


Downtown Adana, Turkey

To be perfectly honest (for a change) I don't really remember very much about Turkey including the period of our TDY there. I know we were stationed at Incirlik AB and that it was near Adana. I do remember going to the Mediterranean . Several of us hired a taxi (very cheap) to take us there and wait for us all day then drive us back to the base. Seems to me the price of the cab had something to do with American cigarette cartons.

Two of the guys who went along were navigators and despite being told not to, decided to try out the local cuisine at a roadside stand and became DNIF on Monday. I distinctly remember them asking me if I wanted to try some. Fortunately, for me, it looked GROSS and I'm a finicky eater anyway, I politely declined.

Bay in Adana, Turkey
Palms Tower in Adana, Turkey Double Minarets Mosque in Adana, Turkey

The beach we went to was gorgeous but crowded. There were not very many women wearing bikinis. It seems most of them had on the face veils and long robes even on the beach with temperatures in the 90s. The town of Adana was fairly large and pretty nice with plenty of souvenir shops. My instructions before I left Germany were to find some neat things. I believe we were only at Incirlik for 10 days or so. CRS syndrome for sure.

Bridge in Adana, Turkey

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