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6940th TTG

MAY 1962 to SEPTEMBER 1962

Rolling jet

The drawing in the background is of the Goodfellow AFB NCO Academy.

At Goodfellow I got into the biggest trouble of my Air Force Career. One Friday night, naturally, everything happened to me on the weekends because that was usually unwind time. A buddy and I decided to climb up on our barracks roof with pockets full of small stones. All evening long every few minutes we peppered the Security Policeman who was guarding the gate to the restricted area next to our residence. Eventually he got tired of it (read here pissed off) and sent some fellow police officers after us. We neglected to note that there was only one way to retreat from the two story barracks short of jumping off the roof. Needless to say we got caught and into big trouble.

I accomplished a few other FIRST at Goodfellow. It was the first time I played baseball in the service. I played third base on the base team. I didn't get many hits but I was always on base as I was so small they walked me a lot. It was also the first time I got picked off a base although I still think the umpire was blind. I used to have all kinds of trouble with umpires until I became one, but then again that's several other stories.

Near San Angelo, Texas

About the only other thing I remember about Goodfellow was there was one guy who lived in the barracks who worked a couple hours every night at a horse stable. I believe that he deliberately walked through every pile he could find. With this guy though it was impossible to tell the difference as his attitude matched his smell. I'm sort of glad I can't remember his name because I would probably put it on this page.

I believe I got my new orders almost as soon as I arrived at the base. The new assignment was a 13 month tour to Osan, Korea.

Took a brief leave and went to Branford, Connecticut to visit with my fiancee. I then departed on a commercial flight to Sacramento, California where I was met at the airport by my brother Larry who was stationed at Travis AFB. We spent a couple of days in a drunken stupor. Not too drunk that I don't remember that he still owes me $291.95 from our gin rummy session. He was drunker than I was so I ended up the winner. Still have his IOU too, that's how I know the amount. Of course it's almost unreadable because of the beer stains. Might even be some vomit on it also (HIS) but doesn't smell like it.

Hopped on my military flight from Travis to Hickam AFB, Hawaii then to Guam where we landed at 3 in the morning to refuel. Not much to do at Guam at 3 in the morning. Then it was on to Osan for my thirteen month stay.

Angelo State University  San Angelo, Texas


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