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Tyler Davidson Fountain in Cincinnati
Union Terminal in Cincinnati

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 10th, 1940. I have an older brother Ron , a younger brother Larry and two younger sisters, Kathy and Evie . Most of the family still live in Cincinnati (only exceptions being Larry who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas and myself). We go visit every year during the summer.

While I was attending grade school I acquired my interest in collecting football, baseball and non-sports cards. My favorite teams on a professional level at the time were the Cincinnati Reds in baseball (We lived just a few miles from Crosley Field.)and the Cleveland Browns in football. Since that time my allegiance has changed to the Bengals even though they haven't done too well lately. My dad got me interested in Notre Dame football during that period by taking me to South Bend, Indiana for one of their home games and they remain my favorite college football team.

Downtown Cincinnati at nightDowntown Cincinnati skylineMy mom with our granddaughter Rebecca in Cincinnati 1998Downtown Cincinnati skyline Downtown Cincinnati skyline

High school years at ELDER High School Elder High School were devoted to playing baseball, Ten Pin bowling (not to be confused with candlepin bowling which is quite prevalent here in Maine), photography and an occasional little bit of drinking. Bowling seemed to occupy quite a bit of the time. I even built two almost full-length bowling lanes in the backyard. The neighbors really loved that, especially since there was no soundproofing and half the lanes were out of the garage. It made for some pretty noisy evenings when the little bit of drinking also was involved.

My senior year in high school I was bowling almost every night of the week plus Sunday afternoon. My average was usually around 183 to 185 but on Sunday I started the season with a 703 series and finished the season with an average of 201 competing in the Greater Cincinnati Two-Man Classic. It was the only time in my life that I was ever able to beat my father at anything while he was in his prime. My dad only averaged 200 that season..

At our wedding reception...September 21st,1963
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