Sign for Grafton Notch, Maine

Hank & Liz are pointing to the location at Screw Auger Falls in Grafton Notch. It's located in Maine close to the New Hampshire border. Screw Auger and vicinity ranks in third place on our list of favorite places to go. Its only about 45 minutes from home and a perfect place for an afternoon picnic/swimming outing in the summer.

Hank & Liz at Acadia National Park Fall Foliage, October 1991 At the height of the land with Rose Ann Dec. 1991

The photo on the left shows us enjoying the coast of Maine at Acadia National Park on a foggy, misty morning. Most of the time we couldn't get that close to the water as the waves are breaking higher. The middle photo shows a typical fall foliage shot in Maine. In October we usually make three or four trips just to view the rainbow of colors as it is so spectacluar. The photo on the right was taken near Rangeley, Maine at what is called "The height of the Land" by Mainers during a visit of our niece Rose Ann from California.

Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine Portland Headlight in winter, Portland, Maine Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine

We have been to Portland Head at least two dozen times since we moved to Maine. Every time we have visitors it is one of the places to see on our itinerary. The view is never the same but always gorgeous.

Carriage trails in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park just about 15 miles east of Ellsworth, Maine is our most favorite place to visit in Maine. We try to go there at least twice a year. It's about a three hour drive from our house but its so relaxing along the seacoast and the views are all picture postcard quality.

Carriage in Acadia National Park

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