Picture of My Fishing Truck Taken May 12th, 1999

Here's a picture of my fishing truck taken on May 12th, 1999. The nicest thing about this truck is that it holds my fishing boat in the back. I keep it half inflated so that when we arrive where we want to fish I plug the air compressor into the truck's cigarette lighter and complete the job in just a few minutes and we are ready to launch.
Picture of My Fishing Boat Taken May 14th, 1999 Picture of Me by My Fishing Boat Taken May 14th, 1999 I keep mentioning the boat so I suppose it's about time a picture shows up. On Friday when we go to Hutchinson Pond to fish I'll take a shot prior to catching our first fish.
Trout from May 14th, 1999Trout from May 14th, 1999

Hopefully the fish finder will work to perfection and you'll see some large-mouth bass and trout along with the boat. The fish finder worked really good and we were able to locate plenty of fish. We caught 23 fish between the two of us but none of them were bass. The bass weren't chasing anything we threw at them.




Got one



Our Take Home Catch from 5th of May, 1999

This is a picture of the seven togue that we kept to bring home. Liz cooked up one of them on Sunday night and said it was delicious. She probably still has two more meals from the four-pounder that she baked. When we posed for the pictures we just picked up any fish. I'm holding Tim's fish in my left hand and he is holding my largest one in his right hand. I want to give credit where it's due. I must admit that he caught the largest fish but I caught five to his four.

Blue Gill caught May 11, 1999
yellow perch caught May 11, 1999

One of my favorite places for fishing in Maine is North Pond in Greenwood along Route 26. The perch and bluegill were nice size and fun to catch and release. (After the picture taking session of course.)

Native Brookie

Maine Togue

Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
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