Tactical Air Command Patch
Tactical Air Command Patch

M O O D Y   A F B



Moody AFB F16 Over Georgia

7 May 1977  to  21 May 1979

C130 at Sunset Over Georgia
Flight of A-10 Thunderbolts over Georgia

Our house on Bemiss Rd., Valdosta

I used this drawing of our home in Valdosta to create an HO scale model.


Johnny Rebel QSL Club Patch
Johnny Rebel QSL Club Patch

Q S L   C A R D S


Maury Turner of Webb, Mississippi was the founder of the Johnny Rebel QSL Club and when we moved to Georgia he asked me if I was interested in taking over the Club. I still have all the membership applications for the club but unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to put a place for the date on the forms to determine the beginnings of the club.

Susan's JRCC Card #38

This is our daughter Susan's Johnny Rebel QSL Club Card #38. Everyone in the family had their own club card and traded with our Club members in order to obtain a card from every other member of the club that ordered one.
On 5 September 1982 there were 87 Johnny Rebel Club Card Holders

I would guess that the club was formed sometime in 1976 as one form has a January 1977 date on it and it was member #72. The latest date I could find on a completed application was in 1982 and that was member #1275.

It was such a shame when the hobby of collecting QSL cards died out in the early 80s mainly because of selfish people withholding their cards to get even with someone else. We certainly enjoyed the hobby that we entered while in Alaska when CB radio usage was at its peak of popularity. We met many wonderful people over the years both through the use of our CB radios and from collecting QSL cards. Any former Johnny Rebel QSL Card members or QSL card collectors out there. I would be immensely happy to hear from you. Please email Hank or sign the guestbook with the comment QSL Cards or Johnny Rebel Member.

Buckeye Rebel Running Bare Card #2907
Over the years we attended four different card collecting conventions and would have gone to several others if not for military service tours in Alaska and Germany that somewhat prohibited us from attending. We went to gatherings in Michigan, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.

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