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Lucky Puppy Coffee Mugs
Lucky Puppy Coffee Mugs


The entire time we were in Germany we were not able to receive the Armed Forces Television Network because we lived too far from the base. Our answer to that was to record movies borrowed from the Base Library and other Rhaunen residents to watch on VCRs. We used to have marathon sessions transferring movies. On one occasion we had six VCRs wired together recording. We have a VIDEO library of over 1500 movies and very seldom watch them now. If I recall a relay antenna site was constructed near Rhaunen the month we left.


Our son Doug was playing ball with the Hahn Hawks High School baseball team and their games were scheduled
Doug in his Hahn High Uniform
everywhere in the Federal Republic of Germany. We tried to make it to all the games and usually knew where we were going. One game though was to Wiesbaden Air Force Base and we had never been there so we decided to follow the team bus. We were in convoy with the bus, along with our friends Ross and Lorrie (Their son Donald was also on the team) and our car was bringing up the rear. For some strange reason Ross decided to pull off the autobahn (think it was car trouble but then with Ross you never knew). Anyway, we lost the bus and about 15 minutes time. We knew that the bus was going to remain on the A-6 or whatever autobahn we were on and the only way to catch the bus before it got off was to increase speed. We were doing 120 (thats miles per hour, not kph) when a car comes up behind us at a high rate of speed flashing his lights for us to get out of his way. It was a new Porsche doing around 140. Not to be outdone though was the motorcycle right behind the Porsche doing about 150 mph as it passed the Porsche. In about 30 minutes we caught up to the blue Air Force bus and followed it to the game.

There were 30 or 40 cars parked at the ball park and one slot open behind third base which Ross took. We parked way out along the left field area. I told Ross that was a bad place to park because of foul balls and he predicted it was safe to park there. (This is the same guy who said he was going to be quiet and not make waves and he would be staying at his present tour in Massachusetts til retirement. A month later, he got orders to Germany. He swears that I called in a favor and got him reassigned. This is not an expose, so I have no comment). You have probably already figured out that during the first inning a foul ball landed on his fender and put a fist size dent in it. I think it was his son that fouled off the pitch.


Another pleasant experience in Europe was the travel, not only the TDYs but also all the USO sponsored tours and our personal travels.

Larry Lafayette and his bride Sep. 1986


Aug80 Mar81 Aug81 Apr82

I went TDY to Zaragoza, Spain at least 4 times and possible more. It was a fun place to travel to. A lot of time on days off I would just take off into the desert with a canteen and explore. Found some very interesting deserted places out in the hills. Once, Larry Lafayette and myself went to a carnival downtown. It was no different than any carnival in the United States as long as you could figure out the monetary exchange in your head. Larry's friend was the owner of an all-night Disco and we spent a lot of time there listening to the music and drinking. We had to stop going there after the police closed it down because of too many fights. Zaragoza was a great place to buy inexpensive souvenirs. I bought several tapestries for friends and family each trip.

Fairgrounds in Zaragoza, Spain
Fairgrounds in Zaragoza, Spain


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