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While at Osan I was assigned to the 6929th RSM as a voice intercept operator. I served in Korea from September 1962 to September 1963. It was a very long 13 months but I really enjoyed the job knowing I was making a contribution to our country's defense. Got to visit Seoul a couple of times, Onyang Korea and several other resort areas. Took quite a few black and white photos in Seoul (below is one of them). The primary reason for black and white photos being that the photography course only included black and white processing. Color developing course was too expensive for me. Needed to have some drinking money left.

Chung Keong Palace Entrance Seoul, Korea Sunday April 21st, 1963

The photo lab was my favorite place to be when I wasn't working or drinking. I signed up for a photo developing course and learned how to develop and print pictures. I have hundreds of photos that I took and developed for the course. The only problem is that first I have to find them and then second I have to persuade my son to scan some of them for me. When that is accomplished you will see them here.ACCOMPLISHED

6929th RSM Squadron Orderly room
Hank at Osan Air Base 1962
As I said earlier the job was really interesting but it was a real bummer not being able to tell friends and relatives what I did in the Air Force. Even now after all these years I still hesitate to talk about what the job entailed.

At the time I was stationed there the chow hall really sucked. Powdered reconstituted milk was horrible. I lost all appetite for drinking a glass of milk and the powdered eggs were not much better. Pretty sad commentary when the best meal of the day was midnight chow with powdered scrambled eggs. One of the first things I did when I returned to the United States was to have a glass of REAL milk. I didn't say it was the first thing I did; Budweiser won that battle easily.

Rolloff for Base Bowling Team
Rolloff for Base Bowling Team Newspaper article

Probably when I find the pictures it will remind me of some other stories about Osan.

Finding the photos did remind me of some long forgotten items. I was top scorer in the rolloffs to determine the members of the Base Bowling team that represented Osan Air Base in all the tournaments that year. We competed at several bases including Kimpo AB and Osan.

One of the aircraft in use at that time was --ei fa ba shir lee oh-- Phonetic Chinese for F-86. If you can pronounce that then you know some Mandarin Chinese. Here's another one: --jing cha doe chir fun -- you will have to ask my son for the translation on that one though.

Base Bowling Team

This picture shows members of the Osan Base

Bowling team that represented Osan in the Armed

Forces Korea Tournaments in 1963. From left to right:


Bill Mason

Robert Ching

Jerry Suhl

Clem Lake

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