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April 1985 to March 1999

This page will eventually be filled with interesting facts and amusing stories from my almost 14 year career with the United States Postal Service

One story that will get the ball rolling...It must have been about my second year at the Rumford Post Office and I was delivering mail on Maple Street and being very observant. It seemed every time that I got to Tony Glazier's house he was either at his neighbors swimming pool or looking out his window in that direction. This particular day I just happened to "find" an 11x14 sheet of styrofoam. I attached his mail to the styrofoam and floated it in Marlene's pool. In Tony's mailbox I stuck a piece of paper with an arrow pointing toward the pool. I would have just loved to see his expression when he got home from work.

Pumpkinhead Hank Jack's Pumpkins

These photos were taken at one of my postal customers house who was always intimidating me. His mail receptacle was at the top of the stairs and I suppose he expected me to jump over the pumpkins. Well when I kept moving them to deliver the mail he would have his attack dog lurking near the mail box. My attorney sent him a certified letter threatening him with legal action and I notified the police who went to his residence and took this photo as evidence. A copy of the certified letter was also delivered to his boss.

The outcome of this dangerous situation was that his supervisor decided Jack was definitely Postal Management Material.

I also have several stories that include videotape proof. This is called letting the cat out of the bag or in this case letting the duck out of the basket.

almost done 39 more houses

39 More Houses Feb. 13, 1999

The last street Virgin St.

Last Day of Work Last Day of Work

These are photos of me taken in front of our house

on my last day of work shortly after making my last mail delivery ever.

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