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Beam of light Welcomes You

The Maifeld Family

Beam of Light Welcomes You

Hank and Liz with their three Children in 1988

Hi, Our name is HANK and LIZ MAIFELD. . . .These are our three children. . . Douglas, also from Rumford,. . . Deborah, from Lewiston, Maine and . . . Susan from Falls Church, Virginia.
We moved to Rumford, Maine in 1984 after Hank retired from the United States Air Force. Hank and his friend Ross spent many, many hours renovating our house (shown as background on next Rumford page) converting the third floor attic space into two additional bedrooms.

After the fixing up was complete Hank got bored and went looking for a part time job. He landed a (part time) job with the Rumford Post Office to work twenty hours a week. From the time he started in 1985 until retirement in March of 1999 there was never a week that he worked under 40 hours.

This time the retirement is for real. No more part time jobs. Hank is going to enjoy his retirement to the fullest with trips around the country visiting relatives, enjoying all of his hobbies, especially collecting football cards and non-sports cards not to mention fishing outings.

Hank recently returned from Virginia and a visit with his daughter Susan's family (Sue, husband Geoff and grandson Matthew). There is now a Washington D. C. page on this web site. It contains pictures from his trip as they use to live about 20 minutes from the Nation's Capitol by Metro. They have since moved out in the boonies of Virginia.

Rumford, Maine




Rumford, Maine is a town largely supported by the logging industry. Mead Corporation (originally the Oxford Paper Company and then Boise Cascade) is the areas largest employer. You can see the mill in the left photo and also below..
Rumford, Maine

Rumford has four mail routes of about 500 homes each. The town has three police cars and a DARE vehicle and around fifteen police officers. There are three traffic lights in town, one of which shuts off at 10 p.m. Aren't small towns wonderful. Just think of us when you are stuck in that traffic jam. After all, it's only fair. We think of you folks out in California when the snow flies and we grab for the shovels.

Hank and Liz with their three Children in 1989 and new daughter-in-law

Shown in the photo are: Debi, Liz, Mary, Doug, Hank and Sue.

This year our son Doug, and his wife, Mary celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary the end of April. This photo was taken back in 1989 when they were married.

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