Membership Photos

These pages contain individual photos of about one/third of the brotherhood members. If your photo and information is not included on one of these pages please send an email with photo attachment to Hank Maifeld with the appropriate information.
If you desire to have a then and now photo, don't hesitate to send it (with location taken and year).
PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official TLCB Site.

Brotherhood photos on this page are: Leigh Hotujec , Bill Tilton , Ken Griswold , Rick Middleton
Kermit Wilkins (not online), Jimmie Butler , John Loftus , Rodney Bell , Jim Henthorn , Richard Verde
Dick Anderson , John Sweet , Paul Lee , Dave Cook and Mac Thompson.

Leigh Hotujec from North Carolina, our  Secretary and Bill Tilton from Virginia, President at the Board Meeting Ken Griswold from Knoxville, Tennessee Rick and Boonlue Middleton from San Diego, Cal.

Kermit Wilkins from Merced, Cal and Boonlue Middleton from San Diego.

Jimmie Butler 1968 Jimmie Butler from Colorado Springs, Colorado

John and Margaret Loftus from Edgewater Park, New Jersey Rodney Bell, our Chaplain from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jim  DUSTY Henthorn; Board Member Richard Verde from New York City

Dick & Cheryl Anderson from Massilon, Ohio...John Sweet from Seabrooke, N.H. Treasurer is on the left. Paul Lee, Frederickson, Texas...Vice President

Dave Cook from Falls Church, Virginia Mac Thompson and his wife Sunee from Thailand

Mac Thompson and Mayoree Dornde Elar (Hope I got that right)

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