Brotherhood Photos

Brotherhood photos on this page are: John Sweet , Terry Ryan , Mike Dunn
Leigh Hotujec , Amos Parker, Matthew Kirkpatrick , Randy Ryman , Fred Lewis
Pat Sweeney and Don Brown .

John Sweet from Seabrooke, New Hampshire our Treasurer Terry Ryan from Reno, Nevada

Mike Dunn at Takhli in 1967 Mike Dunn from Downintown, Pennsylvania (THANKS for the nice pictures)

Leigh Hotujec 1969 Vientiane, Laos Leigh Hotujec from Fayetteville, North Carolina

Amos Parker 1968 Amos Parker from New Mexico (In Memorium)
<img src= Matthew Kirkpatrick, Georgia (now)

Randy Ryman from Harrisonburg, Virginia

Fred Lewis from Hazel Park, Mich. (reading at the Wall Ceremony)

Don Brown (Nahkbin) from Midwest City, Oklahoma and Pat Sweeney (Kneeling) from Dayton, Ohio Don Brown from Oklahoma (Sent me four great pictures)

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