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Until I joined the Air Force I had never traveled any further east than Wheeling, West Virginia and now I was almost as far east as you could get in the United States.

One of my classmates was driving back to visit his relatives in Ohio on a long weekend and asked if I wanted to accompany him and share the driving. It just so happened that my dad bought a newer car that week and offered me his old one.

The car was a 1953 Buick Roadmaster and had supposedly just been overhauled. But on the return trip to New Haven I made it as far as Carlisle, Pennsylvania when the motor threw a rod. I had the car towed to a lot and hitchhiked the rest of the way back to Yale carrying a lemon meringue pie that my mom had made for me (obviously one of my favorite desserts).

In case you are interested it was worth the trip just for the pie. It ended up it would have cost more to repair the car than it was worth so I opted to buy a 53 Ford as it made life bearable having a car. There were not many places to park a car at Yale though and I accumulated a large stack of parking tickets, some of which I ended up paying about 18 months later after a few threats of disciplinary action from my squadron commander in Korea.

Students received a substantial discount at the Yale Book Store so I was there quite often buying Yale sweatshirts and other souvenirs. Our family still has some of those Yale sweatshirts hanging in the closet after all these years. Right next to the bookstore was a record shop where I began my collection of records. Discounts were pretty good there, too. My favorite female recording artist was and still is Brenda Lee. I had every album she ever made. I saved up the money to buy albums by cooking in the room on a hot plate...a real no-no. Oh well.

One place that I remember visiting while at Yale was the Shore Line Trolley Museum in Branford. I believe it was right after graduation when my family was there visiting. I seem to recall a photo of the group in front of this trolley car. It was an interesting tour.

Shore Line Trolley Museum, Branford, Connecticut
Shore Line Trolley Car

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