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Dad Waiting For Flight Out At Portland Jetport Mom and Dad in Maine 1992 Mom in her Kitchen 1995

D A D   A N D   M O M

Mom and Dad

In the photo at left,
mom and dad visit Maine
to attend the Wedding of
their grandson Doug to
Mary Libby in 1989.

In the right photo, it's
back in Maine in
1992 on vacation and
also for a Baptism.

Mom and Dad

Four Generations of the Maifeld Clan in 1992
Mom, Dad and a Bunch of the Family in Back Yard Cincy Mom, Dad and Mrs. Donaldson at our Wedding 1963 Mom in the Hospital Recovering from Surgery

Where do we start with these four pictures. The left photo would probably be the logical place to start but by now you have probably figured out there is not a whole lot of logic around here so let's start with the left. My dad is holding Meagan with Doug holding up the rear. I'm all dressed up with no place to go on the right. This is four generations of the Maifeld Family. The photograph with all those people by the back door of the Cincinnati house should be next but I probably can't even identify them all. I'm guessing that it was taken in the summer of 1978. I know I'm the one with the red hat on the left. My dad is sitting at the top of the stairs. On the right with the red blouse is my sister Evelyn. In front of her is Liz. My mom is sitting down holding Victoria, Ev's daughter. Evie's son, Steven is wearing the Cincinnati Red's baseball hat. Our daughter Sue is right next to me and Our other daughter Debi is next to her mom and behind Steve. Pay attention now because there will be a quiz.

The shots on the right are just a little bit easier. My dad is in the back row, my mom is in the middle and in front is Mrs. Donaldson (Liz's mom). They were altogether for our wedding in Stony Creek, Connecticut on September 21st, 1963. Far right is my mom with her great grand daughter Haley while she was recuperating from hip surgery in 1995. (my mom, not Haley). We keep telling her how lucky she was that she was in the hospital because we had over a dozen family members partying at her house while she was hospitalized. We didn't even dare to show her the videotapes until almost a year later when we knew the shock wouldn't send her back to the hospital. Mom's a real trooper though; she claims she would have rather been right in the midst of the havoc instead of visiting with the Sisters of St. Francis at the hospital.

Finally, below is the Maifeld family homestead in Cincinnati, Ohio where we have many, many wonderful memories.

Mom and Dad's House in Cincinnati

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