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ladylove26a - 10/18/00 21:31:44
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want to chat to me ??? very nice!!!!

Yvonne Mitchell - 10/16/00 15:42:46
My Email:yvonne.mitchell@scotent.co.uk
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State: Dunbartonshire
Country: Scotland

Found your site to be very interesting. I'm coming over to Rumford for a visit in December to visit my family and your site gave me a taste of what Rumford is like.

Del Nordbrock - 10/15/00 18:26:47
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City: DeKalb
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Country: USA

I punched in this address on a whim. I was at Udorn as a lowly E3 back in '66-67. I served in the Engineering Squadron, Power Production/Arresting Cable under Col Shook. I didn't associate with officer normally, but one afternoon we went together to see t e base commander. I had run into a loaded bomb trailer the night before. I was sacred to death, but my colonel on the way back to the compound said,"At times like these you can only laugh!" He could have nailed my hide to the wall and noone would have sai anything. His is the only officer's name in four years that I have remembered.Every time I think of USAF, I think of him and thank God for what he said.

Ken woodward - 10/13/00 17:02:45
My Email:ken.woodward@hill.af.mil
City: Roy
State: Utah
Country: USA

Truck looks nice, although I'd like to see under the hood. I was at the World Ford Challenge 2000, with my black 94'. Kenne Bell blown, polished with all the billet goody's I made myself. I took 3rd. in world for the show there in modified catigory.(Some ay I got ripped off). It is supposed to be in a mag shortly, but I don't know which one yet. (they did a photo layout at World) I would be interested in the brand & part# of your radiator,as I'm in the market for one. Thanks, KEN

Stu Wetley - 10/13/00 15:17:27
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City: Goldsboro
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Country: usa

78-81 Bubble chaser in the 313th then 496th for the 16 transition, lived in Sulzbach in the party house. Best time I've had in the air force. Great area, loved the wine probes.

Art Smith - 10/08/00 07:54:15
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City: Kea'au
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Very nice site. Thank you for your efforts. I Am researching the Lufkin Family History. Many Lufkin have come from Rumford, Maine. So, it's really nice to have a feel for the town that nurchured so many Lufkin families. I'm just developing my Lufkin Web site, take a peek, enjoy.

george wheeler - 09/30/00 20:28:05
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Country: u.s.a.

i was stationed at the 7th RRFS, just down the road from y'all. the place with the big round radio antenna. 72-73. enjoyed the pics!!!

Jerry Ault - 09/26/00 23:48:35
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Country: USA

Great site, you have covered your life well. I was also stationed at Hahn from April 1980 to April 1984 and also lived in the Rhaunen Military Housing. If my memory serves me correctly we lived in Gartenstrasse 35B. My daughter who just turned 18 yesterd y was born there at Hahn.

Art Rogers - 09/25/00 21:39:18
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State: georgia
Country: usa

Great site. I was in Udorn Nov. 67-68, Det1, 56ACW . First A1E's then T-28's. Keep up the good work.

robert redmond - 09/22/00 22:51:20
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City: dade city
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Country: usa

really enjoyed my tour at hahn,still consider it the best tour of my career.i was assigned to the 50th ems as phase inspection chief,and during my last year as sq. career advisor.i extended for a year because my wife was german and it was nice being close to the german relatives.was there from 80-85 and transferred to homestead as gold section flight chief.also lived in rhaunen on ringstrasse in the built-lease housing.lots of good memories of "happy hahn". sincerely,bob redmond

emma - 09/22/00 22:33:39
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Hi Hank And thanks for the few nice word about Manchester wireless.. I noticed all the urls at the bottom of your email and I'm going to have a look at them all. I can see you are a busy fella making all these wonderfull websites about you and your family... I cant understand why you dont have your own family url... Just to diversify slightly...daddy is north American, But Mummy isnt and Now they both live in Texas (Fort worth) See ya again Hank and family emma

Wanda Gibbs Woodard - 09/15/00 20:45:26
My Email:rwwoodard@gci.net
City: Anchorage
State: Alaska
Country: USA

My father flew for Air American from May '68 to May '69. We lived in Udorn. He flew fixed and rotarty, was a retired army pilot by the name of William(Bill) J. Gibbs. If Anyone has any information about him or his death (he was shot, by sniper fire on riday, May 13th, 1969; single bullet to the brain while he and Bob Charter were taking off in Laos). I'm 43 now, and his death and what preceded and followed have always been mysterious to me. He was a good man, 39 when he died. I want to know about th man that was my father. I was 12 when he died, so I missed out. Any help and/or information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sara - 09/01/00 04:42:36
My Email:ellyrich@hotmail.com
City: Abilene
State: Texas
Country: USA

I really like this site. My boyfriend is station in Osan right now. Looking at this site gives me an idea of what it is like for him there. Thanks for making it. Sara

Bob Jones - 08/30/00 17:02:06
My Email:rjones@wfc.des.state.mn.us

You may want to check out this web site that relates to Osan AB http://www.military.com/HomePage/UnitCreatedPage/0,11003,701414,00.html

John Brink - 08/17/00 04:52:45
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City: Edmonds
State: WA
Country: US

I enjoyed your site. I came accross it looking for info on Udorn where I was stationed as a combat documentation photographer in 1967-1968. I think one of our photographers borrowed a rare Hasselblad camera from your unit. Again this is a real nice site. Thanks, John Brink

Casper - 07/26/00 21:19:55
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State: MD
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I really enjoyed your site. I served three tours in germany. What a great country to serve in, just like on a world tour vacation. If you are on a diet to lose weight, stay away from germany. The food, and beer is just mouth watering. Hopefully by next ye r we want to come up to the new england area and get some sight seeing in. I was thru there in the late 60s while still in the service. "Remember those that are forgotten by the Nation, Our Hero's the.......POWS/MIAS" Casper.... 1956 US ARMY 1976 A Disabled Veteran "A whisp of smoke, A silent footstep, We will always be here on guard"

alfred - 07/22/00 16:25:45
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Great web site, I also was stationed at Osan AB 67-69 assigned to the 6314th Security Police Sq. I enjoyed my tour, the people and many friends I made. Things sure have changed alot since I was stationed there,looking over other Osan web sites. I sometime wish I could turn the clock back and visit some yesteryears..this being one of them..Best wishes always,

Net Buddies - 07/05/00 02:11:23
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Howdy! Howdy!

I would like to invite you to come visit us at Net Buddies, a place where friends from all over the world can share and grow,but the children come first.We are completely against child pornography,please help us protect our children.

These roses are a gift for your page (if ya wanna put em there lol).

Cari (Pierce) Brem - 06/19/00 18:35:32
My Email:Flygirl767@yahoo.com
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Country: USA

Your website brought back many memories of traveling around Europe with my family. My father was a USAF pilot at Hahn AFB from about the end of 1971-76. My mother taught ballet, tap, & jazz dance at the base recreation center. Although we lived off base i a small german village called Tellig (sp?), we four kids went to school on base. I began kindergarten there and my sister, the oldest sibling, was the only one who went to the high school. We almost got transferred to HI but ended up to SC instead where ad retired (20yrs w/AF). He is now a Capt w/ Continental Airlines & I'm a Flight Attndt w/the same airline. My husband & I are planning an August trip to Germany. I'd like to show him where I used to live and revisit the surrounding areas. Any suggestions on where to go? Afterall, I was only there between the ages of 5 and 9. Thanks!

Ladson - 06/16/00 16:11:56
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I really like your page here. Feel free to check out my site and don't forget to sign the guestbook. Peace!

Bob Curtis - 06/15/00 16:09:52
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Country: USA

Originally from Cambridge, Oh....enlisted 1952.... retired 1982 at Lackland AFB. Spent a tour at Udorn '75 to '76...also was at Ramasun Sta in '73 to '74. At Udorn was FSgt 1974 CommGp and at Ramasun was FSgt 6924th SSq. Like to say hello to all....

Shawn Dooley - 06/05/00 00:00:18
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Country: United States

I am currently a chinese linguist in the Air Force and I too also served a year at Osan AB. "Wha hun she juan huh pee joe."

- 06/01/00 22:15:40


j griffiths - 05/23/00 18:07:26
City: muskegon
State: mi

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. We do happen to have all 3 pieces of the volksmarch medal you displayed! We had way too much fun in Heidelberg where we were stationed for 3 years, then in Kaiserlaurtern for 4.

Dennis Sites - 05/01/00 21:46:24
My Email:dsites@hotmail.com
City: Chambersburg
State: Pa.
Country: USA

Did Tour with Air Force at Korat as F-4 Crewchief in 1972-1973 with the 388th. Got to do R&R in Bangkok. Was their when peace treaty was signed. Nice to see some old picutres of the country. Spent some time in the ANG at Harrisburg with the C-121.

L. Christensen - 04/28/00 14:25:45
My Email:lhcvegas@aol.com
City: LV
State: NV

Hank: I was a RT crewmember (EWO). I'd be interested to know about the origin of the photo of a C-121 in flight on your Korat page. Is it the RT airplane? If so, who took it and how. Thanks.

Joyce Holthaus - 04/25/00 20:52:43
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City: Mundelein
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Found your site from your son's. Loved the pictures of Rumford Falls.

Ron Smith - 04/19/00 09:20:18
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City: W.Manchester
State: Ohio
Country: USA

Dear Hank. I was with the 6929th , from Dec 58 until Jan 60 ( I just missed you ). After Osan , I was assigned to GAFB until my discharge in 62. Now I know who was throwing stones at me at the Main Gate (LOL). You have a great site , sir........it brought back many memories. Ron

Jim Cotter - 04/16/00 23:02:33
My Email:mainer37@email.msn.com
City: Portland
State: Maine
Country: US

Great site - glad to see someone who enjoys Maine as much as I do. My two teenage sons and I are avid fishermen - into fly fishing around the Rangeley area but this year we are going to try other areas

The Trillana's - 04/08/00 04:05:39
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Great sight! Thanks for visiting our page (way back when in '99). Just finally visited yours and it's wonderful! As an Air Force family ourselves, we love your backgrounds and clipart. Have a good day!

Vance Whitesides - 03/31/00 06:06:17
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City: Fallon
State: Nv
Country: USA

Really nice site!!! "Sarge", I'm impressed. From another retired NCO. Looking at your list of assignments, it's doubtful our paths crossed. So long, Good Luck..

Barbara - 03/28/00 00:39:24
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State: S C
Country: USA

Hank, You have a great site. God bless america. Land of the free. BTW. I'm Bill's wife. Come see my page. TO THE AMERICAN WORKER. http://community.webtv.net/barbara108/TOTHEAMERICANWORKER I think you will like it

Bill Culhane - 03/26/00 09:29:19
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/bill8it/
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City: Spartanburg
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Country: USA.

Hi Hank, I just got some time to look over your other sites and I find them to be outstanding. Bill

Don & Tinagail Davis - 03/25/00 14:10:59
My Email:Don and Tinagail
City: north palm beach
State: fl.
Country: u.s.a

Hello Hank & Liz My wife and I are original Maniacs, I'm from the Bar Harbor area (Hancock Point) and my wife is from Limestone, we both go back and visit our families when ever we can, but not often enough. You have some great photos, boy do they make me homesick. Next time you're in Ellsworth (or should I say passing thru) the Gateway to Acadia, you should spend a quiet relaxing evening at a friend of mine's Bed & Breakfast, it's a place called the Crocker House Country Inn, this place is super, the owner Richard s a great host and a wonderful chef, I think he has a web site under Crocker House Country Inn. I'm a contractor down here in Fl. but in my carpentry days in Maine I got to know this place well (I worked on it off and on for five years). It has quite a hi tory that goes back to the 1800's. If you do happen to stop tell him Don & Tinagail sent you and you will get a little something extra (like I say Richard Mallaby is a super guy and his wife Liz is a lovely lady). Anyways thanks for the beautiful pics and nice memories. Don & Tinagail

Fred Lauder - 03/04/00 11:18:21
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Country: England

You have a great site. I really enjoyed my visit.

angel barnett - 02/27/00 05:07:28
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Country: USA

i thought the web page about Osan was very nice. My husband is there for a year and I was just searching on Osan to see how it was for him. I don't know if you read this but if you do, did you have a family while you were in Osan? We have 2 daughters and I know my husband misses them very much and hates not seeing them grow. They are 2 and 11 months. As for the chow hall all my husband talks about is how he hates it and can't wait for me to cook him a real home cooked meal. So you see things sometimes never change.

robertsarge - 02/26/00 23:40:11
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Country: USA

Comments: Nice

Amanda - 02/19/00 15:03:36
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Country: Canada

Hi Hank... thanks for signing my guestbook. I have recently joined LOTH but thanks for letting me know your wife really enjoys the group! Nice site you have here.

Amanda - 02/17/00 18:43:27
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/amandashome/
Country: Canada

What a nice site. I loved the post office pages best!

ricky styles - 02/10/00 15:54:58
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Country: USA

Enjoyed visiting your site. I worked at the mill during the winter of 89/90 working on a boiler addition at Boise that's one winter I'll never forget. Do you know Vickie Taylor? She is around 35 years old. I really enjoyed the area, we did a lot site seeing on weekends; Rangley Lake, Portland, Freeport, LL Bean, Canada, and visited many antique shops. Well talk to you happy campers later. ricky styles

Frank - 02/03/00 23:06:07
My Email:frankb@hitter.net

anybody out there from the 555 (triple-nickel) Udorn Thailand September of 1970 to March 72

Steve Huling - 02/02/00 01:42:21
My URL:http://www.mmbbs.com
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Country: USA

Thank You for the stories and beautiful pictures. I was stationed at Hahn from 82-85, Lived in Traben-Trarbach and have the fondest memories of all the TDYs.Lucky Puppy 4ever.

Ev Cook - 01/22/00 20:08:45
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Country: USA

Well, it's me again. Spent a few more hours visiting SOME MORE OF YOUR SITES. Just when I think I have seen them all, I click on another 1 I haven't seen. They are all GREAT! Love Sis

Charlie - 01/18/00 21:43:05
My URL:http://usafretirees.com
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City: Gulf Coast
State: Mississippi

I was born in Skowhegan, of so many years ago. Graduated from Madison Maine in 52, enlisted in AF in 53, retired in 75. Back in the last century, making my memory short and my hair white. I was permitted to go to Germany with my family twice, Pruem in he Eifel mountains near belgium and heaven itself, Wiesbaden. Your site picture make me sick for both places. Please visit my personal site at www.Parkwoodplace.com, and drop in the Retirees site, just getting started. Charlie

Robyn Gretz - 01/15/00 16:11:30
My Email:RobbyGz@yahoo.com
City: Pleasant Lake
State: Michigan
Country: USA

Appreciate your web page. My son is in the airforce in Osan. He just arrived this past week Jan 9th, 2000. He called once and seems to love it so far. I was wondering what city in Korea this is? and always looking for info on it. Thanks for you imput and pictures!

ERIC - 01/14/00 19:41:30
State: MN
Country: USA

HELLO, My name is Eric and I am 33 yrs old. I spent my teen yrs in Rumford/Mexico. Lived with my aunt & uncle. They owned Cogley's Auto Parts up in the notch. I'm sure you know it. I graduated Mexico High in 1986. I understand they merged? I wonder if you could be of help, as my aunt and uncle have divorced and live elsewhere. I am trying to locate an old flame of mine by the name of Paula Hodgkins (sp). She would have graduated in 1987 I belive and had a sister named Crystal. They lived up on the notch. I believe it was the second drive on the left after Horseshoe Valley Rd. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Oh, Hank, I too am a military man, 6yrs US Army Infantry, also worked 5 yrs as a letter carrier in USPS till I injured my back. I have relatives in Lewiston and Auburn also. anyway...lol... thanks and hope to hear from ya soon...Eric

Donald Rhodd - 01/13/00 16:05:29
My Email:rodsr@pdq.net
City: Houston
State: TX
Country: U. S. A.

Great !!! Thanks for sharing everything with us. I also enjoyed my stay in Germany and really enjoyed the Hunsruck area. Donald Rhodd

Keith Fannon - 01/12/00 20:08:25
My Email:kfannon@gte.net
City: Carrollton
State: TX
Country: USA

I was with the 51st from June 15, 1950-January 10, 1952. Started at Naha, Okinawa. Went to Itazuke, Japan; Kimpo, Korea (9/50); Tsuiki, Japan (1/51); and Suwon, Korea (9/51). The 51st FIW Assoc. has a reunion every September (members are from '50-'56). Enjoyed your site.

Sgt Hat - 01/04/00 05:14:50
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City: Chattanooga
State: Tennessee
Country: USA

Hank&Liz Thank you for letting me come into your home.... You both have outstanding site's.Like your music also....Thanks again.........Sgt HAT

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