Welcome to my Guestbook!

Wonderful site.......must have taken forever to create and maintain!!!
Visit my little place sometime, but don't expect such grandeur! bh

Charles -&- Brigitte
Hank -&- Family, You have a wonderful site here. My blessings to you all
and your family over the season's holidays. You have placed a lot of
work into your site, that I can tell. I have 2 family sites at the URL
above along with my military sites. I have held back on my military
sites somewhat, except to answer the e-mail. A lot of my time is toward
my one grandson. I have dedicated the site above to my one grandsons -
Alex. He had a cancerous brain tumor removed recently. A lot of our
thoughts, time, and prayers are now for him. He just recently started
to go through about a year of Chemo and radiation treatments. So far he
has not been able to talk nor walk yet, but is progessing slowly. He
used to be a soccer star, and I believe that he will enjoy those days
eventually again. It was his within his first week of school when he
was diagnoised. I have those pictures, plus me and the family on pages
3 and 4 and at my other sites that are linked. If you get a chance come
by and visit

Hope Hudson
12/03/99 00:27:48
My Email:Highflyintexan@aol.com
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State: Texas
Hobby: Cow collector

I miss you Uncle Hank.

Cheryl's Home Page
Hi Hank, I thoroughly enjoyed going through your pages. Also noticed
that you mentioned that (I think you said you) were married in Stony
Creek. Well, I had to chuckle because I'm from Stoney Creek, Ontario,
Canada. Didn't think there was another one out there! I especially
enjoyed your tribute to you dad. I too have a tribute to my dad on one
of my pages. Please check it out when you get the chance, and please
sign my guest book.

Keep up the good work.

Bob Doyon
Central Maine Computers
I was just playing around jumping links and found your site. I found
it to be interesting and thought I'd sign your book. Nice Home Page
and if you need anything for computer hardware stop by and say HI!

Bob Doyon
Central Maine Computers

BEAUTIFUL.!!! Now I know you want a picture of my house on Quebec I
will try to accomodate your request. Hope to have my village pictures
in here soon!

James Rumph
James's Jerry Rice Cards
Good luck in finding cards for your sets.

Evelyn Cook - 05/Oct/1999 01:02:20
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State: Ohio
Hobby: Christmas village nonsports cards

Fantastic! superb!

Ken Abbott
Nice site. Brings back fond memories. I was there from Jan. 68 to July
69. Returned for a visit in 75. Things have changed a lot but the
people are still wonderfully friendly.
I'll be back to this site.

Recruiter Sunflower
The Rumbles
Kewl page!

Luke Janicke - 08/08/99 13:30:06
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I'm in the Royal Australian Airforce as an Aeronautical Engineer. God Bless.

Paul Morin - 07/31/99 01:04:34
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Hobby: Phtotgraphy

Saw your enail from the USS Tucson CL-98 guest book. Served on Tucson in the 40's and have attended and photographed all 8 reunions.

Russ Lee
Hi Hank: Great page (Udorn)

I was there from 74 to 75 right up to almost the end. Left in May and
I think everyone was gone soon after. Spent my time out in the missile
shop in the bomb dump. Still miss those Bomb Dump rules Volleyball
matches on Friday afternoon. It was neat to see that front gate
photo. Memories return ;) Was the Golden Horse bar open down on the
third circle when you were there. The house band "AfterDie: could
Really Rock!! Singhai And Mekong That combo really slowed down my
drinking after that year!! L8TR Russ
Just stumbled over your page while searching for nice pics of moose. :-)
Really fascinating what kind of effort you put in your page! Congrats!
Looks really cool.

Keep it up

Kristina - 06/27/99 14:12:50
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Very nice page!!

Its the idiot in Tex

For your info, I've done some remodeling at the ranch, check the
meltingpot. Larry

Larry Did it again
Its me again, could not stay away. Got caught up in the memories. About
that 1st time at Travis - 1st, how could either of us remember anything
about those couple days? 2nd, that IOU must have been for $2.9195 since
we would never play for anything that might be construed as gambling.
More likely it was how much we spent on drinks. Best site I've ever
visited, Doug's runs right up there (seems you have more time to put
into it, certainly a lot more memories). Larry

Larry Did IT
Thanks for the memories bro, must be nice to be retired twice and have
all that time to fool with 15 webpages. Enjoyed them all, Hanna and
Sativa were looking over my shoulder during some of the excursions.
Hanna enjoyed the memories too. I'll e-mail you in a bit. Larry

Heather - 05/29/99 02:30:05
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Hey! Your page is great. Just wanted to let you know. I am signing this because I like it when people sign my guestbook and let me know that they have visited. That way you can know who visits. Well Hope you come see my page and get to know me alittle. Heather

Paul Piskie
Piskeis Place!
Cool web site ! We enjoyed our visit and will return for another one
real soon . Thanks for signing our guestbook ! Paul and Wendy
Ruth (Honeybee) - 05/18/99 01:20:08
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Had to come and see your site after you signed our guest book. Nice site and well done! Keep up the good work.

jim rock
former resident of Dixfiled

Carl Masthay - 04/22/99 19:18:28
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Hobby: languages, astronomy, paleontology, pool shooting

Henry Maifeld: I was a 20351-2 stationed on Okinawa Nov. 1961 to May 1963 (USAF 1960-1964). Do you keep up with your Chinese? I do. I am a medical editor and a published avocational Algonquianist, legal Ph.D. in Linguistics despite never having taken a li guistics course in my life! In the past 3 years a whole bunch of us who were at Onna Point, Okinawa, have been getting together, 2 reunions already, third to be in Las Vegas. One of the 203s told about 20 of us about your site. My home town is Southington Conn., 18 miles north of New Haven (and 1 1/2 miles from Quinnipiac River), but I attended the first Sanz School of Languages Chinese course under the Yale program in Washington, D.C. I am friends of retired Prof. Nelson (Nuo-sun) Wu (now 80), who receiv d his doctorate at Yale and lived in Cheshire, Conn., 7 miles from where I grew up. I read his Chinese novel of 610 pages. He and his wife live in St. Louis and remember my Chinese teacher Ch'u"an2 Keng1-o2 when they were at Yale. That was remarkable for e! About Scott AFB, my sister from Connecticut ('long-tidal river-at') will attend a wedding to be held there in 4 weeks from now. I also had a Chinese-language classmate, Henry ('Hank') Wurzer, who was a major in the USAF Reserves at Scott for many years now retired, Clinton, Mo. You have many interesting stories. The fact that you put it down is similar to the way I have been writing stuff too. Not many of my classmates from those times do that. Want to comment on anything? Carl Masthay, 838 Larkin Ave. St. Louis, MO 63141-7758

Your Loving Daughter - 04/08/99 00:33:02
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Great job Dad. I love your stories..You do have a way with words....I love you Susan

linsey house - 04/08/99 00:00:12
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Hi Grandpa

Meagan Maifeld - 04/02/99 19:43:53
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Hi Grandpa

Aaron Lee - 03/26/99 16:57:52
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sorry, I don't type more English......

Lester Crockett - 03/21/99 12:17:43
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Hobby: photography

Hi Hank,

Thanks for visiting my site and giving me the opportunity to visit yours. Great site by the way. It was nice "metting" you and your family via your web page.


Les Crockett
Crockett's Photo Gallery

yo bro Larry - 03/14/99 20:27:30
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State: Tx

Hey Bro just popped in. I'm back on line and workiing on my site. Nothing like your though. You all will have to come to Corpus to help me on mine! Happy Easter!!

Ralph Bristol - 03/13/99 19:46:50
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Town: Greensboro
State: No. Carolina

I enjoyed visiting your web page. Very well done! Have been in the area many times. my parents,after retiring, lived for a number of years in Byron. Both are gone now and buried in Dixfield. Fond memories remain of the area where you folks live.

Doug & Barb Gilson - 03/13/99 15:53:51
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Barb starting looking for people on ICQ and then Douglas sent us a message last night. Hope to hear from you soon

Steve and Lesli - 03/04/99 23:39:58
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Awesome Web page. We really enjoyed the pictures and information.

Bob Andersen (Andy) - 03/04/99 01:32:47
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State: CT
Hobby: Model aircraft


Patricia Gwaltney - 03/01/99 04:51:54
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