Welcome to Rumford, Maine
Deer herd in Our Side Yard

A common occurence every year is the final snowstorm of the season. It usually coincides with the start of the fishing season.

April Snow Storm leaves our house buried.

This snowstorm was a bit more than the norm. It was the one that decided for us we needed a snowblower.

Deer herd in Our Side Yard

Rumford Falls...April 1999

This is a photo of Rumford Falls taken from near the parking lot and visitor information booth. The falls generates quite a bit of the electricity for the mill and is one of the reasons the mill was built where it's located.


We moved to Rumford, Maine in 1984 and it is such a pleasure to reside in a small town without all the hazards and pitfalls of a metropolis. You can purchase all the necessities of life on the island, which even has a Dunkin Donuts. There's also a McDonald's Hamburger but there's probably not a town in America that doesn't have that. The Rumford Library (shown in the photo on the right) has all the latest in reading material and will special order anything if it's not on the shelf. They also have CDs, Movies, a great kids section and several computers.

Rumford Library

One of our favorite places to visit in Maine is Acadia National Park about a three hour drive from Rumford.

World' Largest Snowman
Pictured in our group are Hank (brown coat),
grandchildren Haley, Becca,Linsey,Meagan,
and then Liz (lt. blue coat)
Sheena (Meagan & Becca's cousin is in dark blue coat).

We traveled 25 minutes west on Route 2 past Sunday River Ski Resort to Bethel, Maine where we visited with Angus the world's largest snowman. It is sad to announce that on April the 2nd Angus lost his head. It is nice to announce though that he officially made it into the Guiness Book of World Records as the World's tallest snowman at 113 feet and some inches.

Angus Disappearing..Photo taken April 6th
The first part of a story from the Lewiston Sun-Journal on 20 Feb 99.


The governor and national television join Bethel's snowman unveiling. Now the big question Willie Melt?    By Kathryn Skelton
Bethel--Borrowing a word from his 8-year-old son, Gov. Angus King looked up at "Angus, King of the Mountain" Friday morning and proclaimed: "This is awesome"
The governor highlighted a two-hour celebration in honor of the giant Bethel Station snowman.
A clear, blue sky and light wind greeted the crowd as family after family piled in to admire the world's largest snowman.
David Berry, one of a group of core volunteers, said the day was incredible not for the snowman's height but for how it brought the community together.

Ross Having a Hot Toddy.
Labor Day Party at Doug's

Here's my friend Ross shown in two shots. The picture on the left he's curled up with his beloved cat, Felix watching a Star Trek movie. In the other photo he's the one on the left wearing the blue hat. His wife Lorrie is dressed in white sweater and their oldest son Donald is next to her. Don is next to his wife, Karen. This was a Labor Day Party at my son Doug's house in 1992. Doug calls Lorrie an old witch and who am I to argue with my son. At least he was nice enough to invite her to the party.

Swift River - Rumford

Rumford Falls

Rumford Bicentennial

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