The real thing Model of Our House in Rumford Another view of the real thing

As you can tell the picture in the middle is the plastic one that the wolf would have loved to use to perfect his huffing and puffing technique.

Another View of Arizona Mobile Home A Plastic Scale HO Model of our First Home

The plastic HO scale model of our trailer was the first model I ever attempted to build without having the parts pre-cut and in kit form with all the directions included. It turned out to be quite an endeavor and a lot of self satisfaction when it was completed. I was thrilled that I was able to create a replica of first house we ever owned. I also learned that it was much easier to do something if you had the right tools for the job. Recently I was looking at a videotape of the mobile home model and noticed that it was built in 1964. The actual model looks a lot more realistic than the photo and has held up well for being 35 years old.

Doug's house Izzy's house in Branford, Connecticut

The picture on the left is a model of our son's house just down the road. I can't keep up with the additions he puts on to that house. I did manage to add the dish antenna when he converted to satellite television viewing. He has since added a deck to the side and I'm sure that will be an upcoming project to his tiny home. The picture on the right is the house where my wife grew up in Connecticut. It comes complete with a plastic figure of her mother on the front porch. She was usually standing right there waiting for us when we returned from a date before we were married.

A Model of My Sister's House Model of My Mom's House

The yellow house on the left was the second model that I made for my youngest sister Evelyn. I would like to have her send me a picture of the first one as I thought it came out nice. It was only the third that I had built to HO scale. The second house I built was the green one on the right. It's a model of my mom's house in Cincinnati. It was especially difficult to build as all the angles were a new experience. It must be around thirty years old and the only thing wrong is the chimney leans a bit. I'll have to check the real thing this summer and see if it leans.

Recent Photo Taken of our Valdosta, GA. Home A model of our house in Valdosta, Georgia

I have constructed scale models of every house we owned with the exception being Fairview Heights, Illinois. I've started the attempt to create that one using photographs to get the correct dimensions and will make it my project for rainy days and when the weather gets back to cold. I have it all mapped out in a cardboard model. Right now it's almost fishing time, so plastic model construction has a low priority.

Recent Photo Taken of our Fairview Heights, Il. Home A model of our house in Fairview Heights, Illinois

Just finished making Fairview Heights house on 7 April 2000.

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