Flugplatz Hahn Pair of Lucky Puppy Wine Glasses Flugplatz Rhein-Main

M O S E L   R I V E R


Bernkastle-Kues on the Mosel 50th Tac Ftr Wg..Hahn Glass Krov on the Mosel Krov on the Mosel

Bullay on the Mosel Wolf on the Mosel Traben Trabach on the Mosel Lucky Puppy Near the Mosel

This is just a small sample of the wine glasses that we collected from all over Germany. Our friend Larry Lafayette, pictured on one of the Hahn pages liked Germany so much that he elected to live there after his retirement from the Air Force. I can certainly understand his feelings as it's a great country. We enjoyed almost every minute of our three year tour in Germany. The citizens all treated us with a high degree of friendship and we really hated leaving when our time was up. I would return anytime if given the opportunity.

This page is filled with glasses from the Mosel River area with the exception of the one from Rhein-Main Flugplatz at the top. To see ones from the cities along the Rhein River click on Rhein River Wine Glasses below.

There is an individual story and memory that goes along with each of the glasses pictured on these pages. One of the stories involves Larry who was the designated driver on the trip to Bernkastle-Kues, a very hazardous trip under the best of circumstances. Somehow no one mentioned that Larry was going to stay sober because on the return drive up out of the valley we had numerous near misses and finally managed to get the keys to a person who was only half intoxicated. Needless to say, the wine was fabulous.

Zell on the Mosel Piesport on the Mosel Briedern on the Mosel Bremm on the Mosel

Briedel on the Mosel Platten on the Mosel Simmern on the Mosel St. Aldegund on the Mosel


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