Meagan and Harper


Harper May 29, 2014

Harper 6/1/14

My Name is Harper.
I am in my first year of life.
I was born in 2014

My mom is Meagan Maifeld


Harper & Grandpa


Harper & Auntie Becca

Coming Soon

Harper & Grandma


Harper & her Grandparents

Harper & Great Grandpa Libby


Harper & Great Grandpa Maifeld

Coming Soon

Harper & Great Grandma Libby


Harper & Great Grandma Maifeld

Pictures of Me through the years

Below are thumbnail images of me from birth to present.
If you would like to view them larger please Click Here .

Harper Born 04-09-2014 Harper Age 1 Month Harper Age 2 Months Harper Age 3 Months Harper Age 4 Months Harper Age 5 Months

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