Debi on Valentines Day 1999

Debi With Her Pets
Debi With Mom and Dad

DEBI was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona on August 18th, 1970. She entered the world as one big unplanned surprise. Deborah Ann Maifeld's initials when she was born said it all. D A M. We were only going to have two children because we already had a boy and a girl which is exactly what we wanted but Deb managed to change all that. Of course, that didn't mean that we didn't love her. As a matter of fact, the baby of the family usually has it made and gets away with almost anything. In Debi's case, she usually blamed everything on her older sister.

Debi Being Silly As Usual
Debi Receiving her High School Diploma

Deb also went to many different schools because of her dad's career; Anchorage, Valdosta, Hahn Germany, Fairview Heights and graduation from Rumford High School (now known as Mountain Valley High School) in Rumford, Maine. She added a twist to it though by returning to teach at Mountain Valley where she was mistaken for a student and hit on by the seniors. As a matter of fact one of the students was staring at her so much that he walked right into a wall. Deb is shown in the picture above right receiving her High School Diploma.

Debi Protecting America

In the picture above Deb is shown in her Air Force uniform. It was not the only career she tried that was similar to her father's. I suppose she wanted to see how hard her dad worked to support the family as she recently worked for over a year delivering mail for the United States Post Office in Auburn, Maine. All of her employment wasn't the same though as I don't remember her dad ever being a waitress

Debi Fifth Grader in Germany
Debi With Boy Friend Rick in Lewiston

Debi was a real terror as she partied through her teen years. She gave me a lot of gray hairs (Silver as Linsey says) with her driving exploits. She was employed at Sunday River Ski Resort and borrowed a rental car from her brother to get to work one evening; managed to wrap it around a telephone pole. Thank the Lord she was not injured. Sister Sue and Deb brought our Ford Station Wagon home one night minus the hood. I don't know how they managed that one. Deb needed both hands to keep track of her speeding violations. Thankfully as she has matured and become a mother her driving habits have moderated and the police don't know her by her first name any longer; except her brother.

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