Doug by His Cruiser Overlooking Rumford

Doug just loves Bengal tigers so I thought it would be very appropriate to use a Bengal tiger theme for his page. To find out more than you'll ever want to know about him you can visit
Doug my son - police officer - Cop Card Collector at his web site.

Doug In His Cruiser Talking to Haley and Deb.

Responding to a 10-98 in Strathglass Park. Doug is seen here talking to the complaintant. The child being held by her mother had just knocked her big sister to the ground and a neighbor called the police dispatcher. Doug's wife Mary can be seen behind the cruiser. She was a material witness to the crime and was taken to the station and booked.

Doug is enjoying his first Halloween. This picture was taken in 1967 in Branford, Connecticut by Mr. Byrnes on Meadow Circle Road. Doug and I were staying with my mom while his dad was overseas helping to fight the Vietnam War.
Doug in 1993 Doug's First Halloween 1967
Doug With Me Around the Time of His Wedding

Doug standing with Santa 1969
Here is a picture of Doug when he was 4 years old visiting with his friend Santa Claus asking him for a police badge and a pair of handcuffs.

Doug with his nieces


Doug was born in Phoenix, Arizona on June 3rd, 1965 at Saint Joseph Hospital. He went to school all around the United States plus Germany. Attended grade scools in Arizona, Alaska and Georgia. His high school years were mostly at Hahn American High School in Germany and he graduated from Belleville East High School in Belleville, Illinois.

Doug lived with my in-laws in Cincinnati while being educated in Bearcat Land culminating with his degree in Law Enforcement from the University of Cincinnati. He graduated cum laude, then moved here to Maine to live with us.

Doug sitting on his front porch steps Apr. 2nd, 1999
Mary sitting on the same front porch steps Apr. 2nd, 1999

Here is a current picture of Doug and his beautiful wife of 10 years, Mary sitting on the front porch steps on a gorgeous spring day in April.

Shop and Save Supermarkets was his first place of employment in Maine and also where he met his bride-to-be Mary Libby who also worked there. He was hired on by the Town of Rumford as Parking Enforcement Officer, a position he held until he was hired as a spare police officer and attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. He is now a Corporal with the Rumford Police Department.

Doug's hobbies are collecting Police Officer Cards and Patches. He also collects Baseball Cards and has an extensive collection of Topps Baseball Cards. He enjoys Camping and Traveling.

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