Haley at 12 months

Haley's Latest Portrait



Haley with her matchbox cars Haley with her teletubbiesHaley

Haley Elizabeth House recently had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids.
Her biggest concern following the surgery was whether she could take the
nightgown home. She also had tubes put in her ears to improve her hearing.
I think it worked as she overheard us whispering that we were going
to the airport to pick up Hank. Deb and I were walking to the door and
she grabbed her coat and said "Get Papa". She wouldn't let us
leave without her.


HALEY was born
in Vallejo, California
on January 17th, 1996
at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

Dancing Baby Haley After Eating Grandpa's Chili

Haley just loves grandpa's chili as you can tell from the photo above. She also has
a thing about doors; continuously opening and closing them until it drives a person
crazy. Just today, I got a call from my son asking me to tell Haley's
mom to leave their doors alone. She kept locking them out.
Up until just recently, she also loved potato
salad and Velveeta cheese. Today
when asked if she wanted some cheese
her reply was "YUCK".

Haley Concentrating on Easter Eggs 15 April 2000

Animated Girl Running
Mickey Gumball Machine...compliments of Country Bear

Back to Haley's thing about
doors, it includes refrigerator doors. She
is always bringing her papa a can
of Coca-Cola, whether she just brought him
one five minutes before it didn't matter.

Haley with her Pokemon Pikachu

Haley's Pikachu

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