The significance of the two larger pictures is that I am a Nurse and my husband was a letter carrier for the Post Office; thus the Nurse Hummel and the Postman Hummel. They are the only ones that appear twice as they are also in the line up below. If you hold your cursor over each photo you can identify the individual Hummels. I also have a Christmas Collection of Hummels that make up a Nativity Scene.

In addition I have a collection of 18 Hummel Plates that have Hummel Figures on them Twelve from one series and six from another. I would have completed the second series but ran out of wall space to put them so I relunctantly stopped getting them. I have a total of 53 different hummels plus one crystal hummel and one hummel Christmas bell. This does not include my collection of Hummel Nativity Figures which will ultimately end up with their own page. I was fortunate to travel all over the world with my husband to amass this beautiful collection.

Two Hands 1 Treat School Girl The Run-a-Way Soloist

Prayer Before Battle Chicken Lickin Playmates Photographer

Daddy's Girls Sensitive Hunter Stormy Weather Volunteers

Surprise Sweet Music Stargazer Visit An Invalid

Flying Angel

My HUMMEL collection began shortly after I got married in 1963. My wonderful husband bought me one for my birthday at the Base Exchange at Luke AFB in Arizona and that was the start of a great collection. Now I have more HUMMELS than my husband has football cards. If you wish more info about HUMMELS and how they are made go to M.I.HUMMEL SITE


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