Matthew really likes his two grandpas. Recently when Hank was visiting he got to meet both of them at the same time. To differentiate he would call Hank Grandpa Goaway. I believe it was so that he could tell them apart and not that he really wanted him to go away, but then if you knew Hank; maybe he was smart. He called his other grandpa "Grandpa Ben"
He loves his GI JOE action figures plus his make-believe friends. John and the alien people. They are smart imaginary folks as they usually show up for supper.

Daily walks with his mom to the Thomas Jefferson Library are something that Matthew really looks forward to because then he knows he has some new books for his mommy or daddy to read to him at night. He's so smart though that he reads the books to them most of the time.

Matthew in the Snow
Boy With Bird
Matthew Flying a Cessna at The Air & Space Museum

The Easter Bunny was very good to Matthew. He's been wanting a basketball net to shoot hoops and got one from the Bunny. Now he doesn't have to use the back of his Little Tikes pickup truck to sink those three-pointers. His grandpa had a good time bowling with Matthew; only trouble was that Matthew didn't knock the pins down with the bowling ball. He either slid in to them or tried for field goals most times before they were even all set up.
Matthew also likes to hang out with his cousin Liam. When those two are together you better have eyes in back of your head.

Matthew Enjoying Grandpa's Chili
Matthew's First Fish

The picture on the right was taken after he returned from a fishing trip with his mom and his grandpa Hank while visiting in Maine. Matthew really enjoyed catching his first fish ever. Matthew really likes the slide that is right outside his back door. He also enjoys typing messages on the computer. Here's one of his best sayings. "ljf30498ngrogyq=+#7yrub4lsmftraotflmfho fjh9peqwuqgk09eq98nkjjb/;livxzynjh" Don't laugh...he's a's probably in code.

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