Meagan at 6 months of age
Six Months Old



Meagan was born at Rumford Community Hospital
in Rumford, Maine on September 6th, 1991.

Meagan 7 years old
Meagan with Mommy & Daddy 1992

When Meagan was around eighteen months old her 2-month old niece Linsey came
to visit from California and the first day Meagan said "Isn't it time for her to leave,
yet?" She was very jealous after having granny all to her self. In fact, she told me
to get that baby off my knee because it was her place.
Meagan really enjoys playing games on her computer. Her favorite is "Riding
Barbie" or something like that. She wishes that the program would let her wander
off the trails so that she could discover more places.

Meagan Coloring Easter Eggs April 15th, 2000 Dolly Animation
Meagan Coloring Easter Eggs, April 1999

In the picture at the bottom of the page you can see the camping trailer behind Meagan. She just loves
to go camping with her mom and dad and spend a lot of time outdoors. When she
has to stay indoor she can sit and watch home movies that her dad took for hours
on end, sometimes watching the same home movie tape over and over.
Meagan goes to AWANA in Andover and really enjoys it. She recently invited
her grandpa to go to a spaghetti supper with her and he had a
really good time.
Meagan at Awana, with sister Rebecca On Mother's Day she made her First
Holy Communion in Dixfield, Maine
and she really looks beautiful in her white dress.
She also managed to get her
grandpa into another church.

Meagan at First Communion
Meagan in her back yard on 2 April 1999

       Here's another picture of Meagan taken on April 2nd, 1999
in her back yard. Her grandpa told her he would
put it on the web page right next to Jeff Gordon.
That didn't go over too well as her
favorite NASCAR driver is Mark Martin.

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