The Donaldson Family Portrait 1950...Back row: Brother Doug  My Dad Douglas  Brother Mal   Front row: Me  Mom Margaret

A picture of my mom taken at Flexible
Tubing in Guilford, Connecticut in May 1966. My Mom 1966 My Mom and I at Portland HeadLight

A Picture of me with my mom at Portland Head Light in Portland, Maine.

I was born on March 4th, 1943 in New Haven, Connecticut, the third child of Douglas and Margaret Donaldson. I had two older brothers, DOUGLAS who was ten years older and MALCOLM, 5 years older. We lived in New Haven for the first nine years of my life.

My Mom At Our House Portrait of My Dad

Donaldson Family...Craig, Mal, Mom, Me

My dad built a home in Branford, Connecticut (about 20 miles northeast of New Haven).

My Home on Meadow Circle Road

This is a model of the house I grew up in at 36 Meadow Circle Road, Branford, Connecticut. I was sorry when my mom sold the house and moved into an apartment because it was always nice to come back to. I was happy for mom though because it was more house than she needed and too much upkeep. We recently drove by the house and stopped to take pictures as the current owners were doing renovations. To make a long story short we were invited inside to see the progress. My dad would have been proud of the changes and additions that were made.

My Dad

Branford Green

Connecticut State Flag

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