Elvis Star Elvis Star Elvis Star

Elvis Autograph

This is a $5.00 Coin from the
Marshall Islands that could
actually be spent there but
who would want to spend it?

Elvis Stamp
Elvis StampElvis Stamp

These are all legal postage stamps in the various countries. I could say that I went there to get them but nobody would believe me and besides that I don't even know where they are or for that matter which continent they are on. The one on the left is from Tanzania. The set in the middle is from Palau and the set on the right was issued by Nevis.

This first day cover envelope is one of a set of six that were issued when the 29 cent Elvis postage stamps became available. I was debating whether to take six individual photos or to take one group shot with all six envelopes but in the end decided to take just this one. If anyone is interested in having copies of all six first day covers just send me an email and I'll be more than happy to email the other five to you.

My husband and I decided to mail this letter with a fictitious name and address to Tennessee so that I could have RETURN TO SENDER on an Elvis Stamped envelope around the time of issue. I also have one with insufficient address and addressee unknown when I sent one to just GRACELAND figuring I would get it back. The things people waste money on. Who got rich..The Federal Government! Some day I'll even open the envelope and see what I put on the letter inside.

These three tins each contain a set of twenty Elvis Metallic Cards. I didn't even consider having my sweet husband take a picture of all 60 cards for me but I know if I asked him real nice that sweet, wonderful, great guy would do it for me. On second thought, maybe I better start out asking him to take just one.

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