Becca at 8 months



Becca latest portrait

Becca in her yard on April 2nd, 1999

Here is another picture I have of Becca. It was taken in her yard on April 2nd, 1999. It was such a gorgeous day that she didn't even need a coat or sweater

Becca in Front of Rumford Falls on April 7th, 1999

Becca is a stubborn little girl. She refused to have a professional photographer take portrait pictures of her until she was over three years old. It's a good thing her grandpa is only semi-professional or there wouldn't be any great shots of her. She did relent when she was six months old and didn't know any better.
Cutting hair must run in the genes, as her sister Meagan did a really bad job of cutting her hair on the front and sides. Becca also made a mess of things herself as she tripped running on the stairs and knocked out two teeth.

Becca Showing Off The First Fish She Ever Caught
Girl With Soccer Ball
Becca Coloring Easter Eggs at Our House on April 15th, 2000

Becca goes through phases in what she likes; at the moment it is Godzilla but it seems to be starting to wear off. She has also really liked 101 Dalmatians and TeleTubbies. She has also watched the entire series of "Land Before Time" All six movies over and over and over. I believe that she has seen "Titanic" at least a hald-dozen times all the way through. She went to her great granny and asked her to get a Titanic necklace for her, too.

Rebecca was born in Rumford Community Hospital, Rumford, Maine on May 26th, 1994

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