Portrait of Sue

Sue, Hank and Matthew at Charlie's Place
Sue Out In March Snow Storm

SUE was born at Luke Air Force Base Hospital, Glendale, Arizona on May 7th, 1969. She attended numerous different schools as she was growing up, never staying long in any because of her dad's military service. (What is known as an Air Force Brat.) She went to schools in Alaska, Georgia, Germany, Illinois and graduated from Rumford High School (now known as Mountain Valley High School) in Rumford, Maine. Sue then moved to Portland, Maine where she went to the University of Southern Maine.

Sue had to really work and study hard for her academic achievements as she wasn't blessed with a photographic memory like most of the others in the family. Of course, her instinctive love of partying was no big help either.

Sue With Sister Debi Animated Angel
Drawer Full of Cat

Sue was also a determined worker and put in many hours at various jobs to help pay her way through college. She was employed at Diamond Match Company making toothpicks and other wood products until they closed the plant and relocated it in Mexico where the labor was cheaper.

A couple of restaurants also had the misfortune to hire Sue as a waitress because it seemed that every place she worked ended up going out of business. One in Turner, Maine served all their food on paper plates. We ate there several times and the food was excellent but it didn't stay in business long.

Sue also worked at a big chain restaurant near the Maine Mall in Portland and you guessed it, they closed the doors too.

Sue Painted into a Corner
Sue With Matthew

During her high school years in Rumford, Sue made her dad very happy by sharing his interest in the great outdoors. Every year around her birthday they would set out on a big fishing expedition at the crack of dawn and usually return in the afternoon with a couple of fish tired but exhilarated. She was the only one of the kids who showed any proclivity to fish including eating them. Neither her brother or her sister even did that.

Sue at a Picnic Lunch
Sue at the Playground

She married Geoffrey Gayhart from Great Falls, Virginia while he was in the United States Air Force stationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. After Geoff's discharge from the Air Force they moved to Falls Church, Virginia and soon along came our first grandson Matthew.

It's still about an eleven hour drive from Rumford to Virginia so we keep hoping that Geoff can get a job somewhere closer to Maine and we can see them more often. They just bought a house an hour further away; so there went that hope

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